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International Volunteers Network (IVN), founded in 2005, is an ethical social enterprise focused on developing responsible volunteer travel in partnership with poorer rural communities, in order to sustain village life and culture, improve livelihoods in remote rural areas and slum urban areas in Uganda. We aim to put our volunteer’s skills to use in supporting the development initiatives of local communities in Uganda. Working with this program means opting for an enriching and dynamic experience that will change the course of your life.

Our focus is to give people of any age and background the opportunity to offer their time, energy and skills to sustainable community development projects in Uganda, whilst exploring new cultures, developing new skills and establishing lifelong friendships to people that also:

  • care about the needs of the local people in developing countries.
  • care about respecting local customs and culture.
  • care about preserving the environment and natural resources.


VISION: Our vision is to break the cycle of cultural phobia and “profession-culture” biases that hinder global integration, leading to tolerance and better understanding of the similarities and differences amongst cultures.

MISSION: The mission of International Volunteer Network Inc. is two-fold;

  1. Foster the understanding and appreciation of the various cultural interfaces associated with globalization through broad-based inter-cultural exchanges, and volunteerism.
  2. Working with local communities to identify areas of mutual cooperation like reducing poverty, diseases and ignorance and professional collaboration

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