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Volunteer on Construction work

Volunteers are needed for the on-going construction and water building projects in the community. Volunteers needed for manual labor jobs working alongside skilled and unskilled local workers to help with the construction work.  Some tasks include construction of bole holes, expansion, water well building, construction of roads and renovation work, painting and white-washing, landscaping, digging of trenches, refurbishing sports fields, and brick laying.  Volunteers do not need prior experience, but skilled workers are very welcome.  This is a very hand on, hands dirty sort of program. Enthusiasm, a good sense of humor and helping spirit are required.  Volunteer can also spend time in the children’s school teaching classes.

No specific qualifications or previous experience is required to join Construction & Renovation Project. However, volunteers with some construction skills or profession are highly preferred. Participants should bring both enthusiasm and humility to their projects. Volunteers are expected to be independent and creative, bring ideas to the table, be respectful to organization leadership and work collaboratively.

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