In addition to hosting thousands of solo volunteers every year, International Volunteers Network also organizes in placing families on our volunteer programs abroad. These programs are open to families, couples, and single people because they occur during times when many children are on vacation from school. Children are expected to participate in all regularly scheduled activities.

For families with young children, our Childcare projects are generally the most suitable volunteer projects, as these allow children to become involved and interact with the other children. A Conservation project may also be suitable for families with children who enjoy working outdoors and don’t mind getting their hands dirty!

How do we apply to volunteer abroad as a family?
An online application form will need to be submitted for each family member to volunteer abroad with IVN.
Each application must reference the name of the other family members in response to the question "Are you volunteering with a friend, relative or group?” This allows us to ensure our local staff can place and accommodate your family together.

Each family member will need to pay a Registration Fee and Program Fee for your family’s chosen volunteer abroad program. Take a look at our program costs to see our range of affordable program fees. To move forward with your plans, feel free to contact us.

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