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During the week-long campaign, your group will work together with our local team to provide basic health services to populations that may not otherwise have access to regular healthcare services.

Volunteers working on a medical volunteer campaign aid in treating and educating patients, providing basic checkups and treatment to members of the community. Volunteers also help to distribute vitamins and other medication, and deliver health education information appropriate to both children and adults. A week-long Medical Volunteer Campaign involves visiting and working with up to five communities throughout the week and days typically include 4 hours volunteer work per day.

Can IVN Groups volunteer on both the Campaign and in the Clinics?
Yes, for groups volunteering for more than 1 week, we can arrange your group to take part in our standard medical project for the first week while you learn the basics of the healthcare system in the your host country, followed by the Medical Volunteer Campaign in the second week.

This provides your group with a great opportunity to experience both types of health service; learning about healthcare in the clinics, and then working as a unit and team effort in the Campaigns.

Who is eligible?
IVN Medical Volunteer Campaigns are open to all volunteers with relevant training or experience in healthcare. Volunteers with professional credentials, or those currently enrolled in medical/nursing school are welcome to work in the Medical Campaign Program.  The number of patients can vary from day to day and the hospital has several clinical departments including internal medicine, surgical, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, ophthalmology, dentistry, radiology, pathology, mental health, anesthesia, physiotherapy and pharmacy. Since many health centers lack modern facilities, or have broken equipment and a shortage of staff, this placement can be very challenging.   However, volunteers will have an assigned supervisor to shadow and work with. Volunteers need to bring their own medical equipment, gloves, lab coat, medical scrubs and appropriate shoes, antibacterial soap or sanitizer, a stethoscope, and a blood pressure cuff. Advice on further supplies to bring can be provided by the IVN Groups Manager.

Contact our Groups Placement Manager via the enquiry form to learn more about volunteering abroad on a Medical Group Campaign.

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