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IVN specializes in providing affordable, safe and responsible high school volunteer abroad programs for those under the age of 18. These types of volunteer groups can include:

  • High school groups
  • Youth groups
  • Peer groups
  • Family groups
  • Clubs and societies

With dedicated Volunteer Managers, IVN can specifically tailor a customized program for you and your volunteer group. Your program can range in duration from 1 to 24 weeks and includes volunteer placement, transport, accommodation, tourist activities and ensuring you have continual volunteer support throughout the process, from start to finish.

At IVN, our aim is to immerse you and your group within a new community and culture to contribute to sustainable development projects. We will ensure that you all will have a rewarding, life-changing experience that the entire group can be proud of.

Typically, high school volunteer abroad groups travel with teachers or parents who act as guardians for the entirety of the program. IVN organizes the group to work together on the volunteer project during the day and ensures you are accommodated together in the evening. IVN can also organize group tourist activities and cultural learning opportunities for you in your free time. Or course, these trips can be catered to any requirements.

Volunteer Safety

It is perfectly understandable that you or your parents may have questions around the safety of volunteering abroad and we are in communication with parents every day who want to feel confident that their children will be well looked after when participating on an IVN volunteer program. Here is what we do to ensure you have an enjoyable and safe trip:

  • Airport pick-ups: Our local teams meet our volunteers as soon as they arrive to the program location. If arriving by plane, our local teams track flights so even if a flight is delayed, they'll be there to collect you when you land, ready and waiting in the arrivals hall. If arriving overland (let's say you're traveling in the country before your volunteer work starts), our local partners will make alternate arrangements for your pick-up so they can meet you when you're ready to begin.
  • Volunteer accommodation: Volunteers are accommodated with other volunteers in a safe community near your volunteer placement. Our accommodation providers have been hosting international guests for many, many years and are well versed in catering for different dietary requirements and understanding that you're new to the country! They love hosting international volunteers for the cultural exchange it can bring, so you can be sure you'll be looked after. Plus, our placements and accommodation locations are continually monitored by our staff to ensure our volunteers are happy and well cared for.
  • 24/7 support: Our local teams are on hand 24/7 to provide assistance on any matter, from the application process right through to the completion of your volunteer program.
  • Emergency support: Our local teams are available 24/7 and should a volunteer require medical attention while on IVN  program, our local team will accompany the volunteer to the nearest clinic or hospital to ensure adequate care is received.

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