James Nadiope


James Nadiope - CEO & Founder

James Nadiope is a respected authority on international responsible volunteerism. He is the President/Founder of the International Volunteers Network in Uganda with a focus of putting the volunteer’s skills to use in supporting the development initiatives of local communities in Uganda whilst exploring new cultures, developing new skills and establishing lifelong friendships.

In 1986, James had experienced firsthand the benefits of volunteering while on a long term volunteering mission in Mombasa, Kenya with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) a Christian international organization based in USA with outreach bases all over the world. These experiences created within him a passion for enabling people from all walks of life, to take up the challenge and give time to others in need, travel the world, and explore new cultures.

James Nadiope holds a Bachelor of Theology. He is a Pastor, motivator, Human Rights Activities, an Environmental activist, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, and an advocate of Green Politics, consultant and trainer internationally recognized as the pioneer of Volunteer Tourism in Uganda.

As a humanitarian, James has improved the quality of life of people by empowering them to engage in environmental responsible developments, global health, women empowerment, reduction of poverty and Education. James has greatly contributed to community development at different levels, such as, grass root, corporate, local and international.

Furthermore, James has influenced thousands of people lives across the Globe. He has a remarkable gift for deeply touching the hearts and souls of those who need to hear the spiritual truth in practical terms. He is passionate about helping people discover, create and live the life of their dreams. He believes that every individual possess something great inside them and it is the duty of all mankind to respect, honor and cherish that. James’s goal is to make tourism the most sustainable industry on the planet - improving economies and creating wealth, enriching our cultural experience and helping us to understand and appreciate our environment.

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