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Volunteering abroad is a great way to expand your horizons, learn about new cultures and make a valuable contribution in a foreign community. But alongside these rewards are some inherent risks that need to be understood and well managed.

As a responsible volunteer / travel provider, IVN takes great care to keep volunteers safe. IVN Volunteer Vacation Program is structured in such a way to support both volunteers and projects throughout the period of service. For volunteers we work to ensure your safety and security as far as is possible, without infringing on your individual adventure. For our local project staff we provide support, mediation and advice to ensure that their experience of working with international volunteers is a happy and productive one. (A win – win experience).

Right after booking your volunteer vacation with us you will receive a welcome pack with security advices and training tools that will help you stay safe. When our volunteers are abroad our local teams give them face-to-face advices and are always there to help them understand the local culture and avoid any risks. We are very committed to care for our volunteers’ safety and security.

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